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Speed limits reduced on the Old Pacific Highway 2

David Thomson | Published on 3/26/2024

The Old Pacific Highway north of Berowra is a hugely popular cycle route.  How many times have we all ridden to Pie in the Sky, down to the Hawkesbury / Brooklyn or on to the Reptile Park and beyond?  Just think of the number of Bike North rides that have the word "Pie" in them - 2/3/4 Gorges Pie, Broken Pie, Hornsby to Pie, Banana Pie, Slice of Banana Pie, etc.) The road -  at least when you get past Berowra - does not have huge traffic volumes, but the winding alignment and narrow shoulders can make it unpleasant and potentially dangerous, with cars and motorbikes especially often wanting to go as fast as they can.  
Hornsby Shire, Bike North (Justin Holmwood) and the residents of Brooklyn have advocated since 2022 for reduced speed limits between Berowra and the Brooklyn.  Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has now after 2 years reduced the speed limit through this section. They did not reduce it all to our suggested 60 kph, but to 70 kph for the windy section from north of Berowra to Brooklyn, with some short 60 kph sections near Cowan.  
Reduced speed sections 
  • Roughly the old toll station / truck stop just north of Berowra to Cowan - 80 reduced to 70 km/hr.   (Basically all the windy part of Berowra to Cowan).  
  • Some sections near Cowan, including the town centre - 80 to 60 km/hr.
  • Cowan to Brooklyn - 80 to 70 km/hr.
Overall, this is a victory for common sense and road safety, and a tangible improvement that will benefit all Bike North members and the many cyclists who use the Old Pacific Highway. The next time you find yourself on a ride to Pie in the Sky and beyond, check out the new 70 km/hr speed limit signs!  
Specific details of the sections of highway affected by the reduced speed limits can be found at

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