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Tours and events

Adventures on two wheels

Bike North members take their bikes far and wide.

We gather in large numbers, up to a hundred at a time, on our Big Rides Days, when we share a meal and catch up with old friends and new.

We enjoy riding multiple days back-to-back, either based in a central location such as Cowra and Port Stephens. Sometimes, the multi-day tours will follow a linear route from place to place, such following as a rail-trail.

Sometimes we go well outside Sydney, throughout Australia or even overseas.

Join us on a two-wheeled adventure!
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Social events

Some of our events don’t even involve our bikes!  We typically meet for dinner in December each year to celebrate another fine year of cycling and companionship.

In one special social event recently, we held our first New Members event, gathering with new members to Bike North at the Longueville Hotel in Lane Cove.

The purpose of the event was to give new members the opportunity to meet the committee, to meet ride leaders and find out more about the types of rides we currently offer and to generally feel part of the club.

Eight new members attended along with a number of ride leaders and executive Committee members.  Lively conversations abounded and it was a fun event.

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20230302.New Member Event.4
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20230302.New Member Event.6

New members were encouraged to ask questions so that we could help them enjoy their membership to the full. Some comments included:

·    Have not been attending rides that require to drive as don’t know how to remove front wheel and reattach safely
·    I’ve been a member for ten days and have been on two rides
·    Love the idea of the sweep so I am always included in the ride and not left behind (as with other groups)
·    Have used the routes guide on the website (this is how I found the club initially)
·    I could ride by myself, but it is more fun to ride with a group and get the social benefit

The people who attended said it was an excellent way to meet some people and get to know the club.  We look forward to evolving how we welcome new members in future events.


Upcoming Rides & Events

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Upcoming Events

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