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Bike North runs more than 40 rides each month for all levels of riders, for all types of bikes!

We have developed a huge Rides library containing hundreds of routes around Sydney and beyond. In designing those rides, we have emphasised your safety, enjoyment and convenience. You can download those routes from Bike North’s RidewithGPS club to your phone, Garmin, Wahoo or other device. As you get to know RidewithGPS, you will find just how useful it can be. While we offer rides which cater to those loving harder long-distance rides, we also take pride in helping novices find their cycling wheels and offering a range of rides at varying paces and distances. See how our rides are graded here, showing their levels of difficulty.

If you are wanting to join your first ride with us, we have some tips for you to get started. We also have guidance for your safety, so you know important protocols and signals.

View the calendar and find a ride that interests you and is suitable to your level of fitness and experience. If in doubt, please check with the Ride Leader before registering.

So, whether your idea of a great ride is a gentle trundle around Sydney Olympic Park, a hard slog up Mt. White and beyond, or anywhere in between, we’ve got the ride for you!

What bike is right for me?

On most Bike North rides, you will mainly see road bikes. Your choice of bike will depend on a number of factors. To assess the suitability of any bike, it is prudent to consider:
  • Your strength and fitness. Do you want the extra oomph that an e-bike can provide, or do you want to get the extra fitness benefit from pushing harder yourself?
  • The level of difficulty of the ride
  • The surface on which you will be riding. Cycling on roads is generally easier with narrower tyres such as you typically see on road bikes. Large, chunky tyres can be much harder work, especially on long or fast rides. If you will be going over rough ground, however, consider fatter tyres, a gravel bike or even a mountain bike (MTB).
From the description of the ride in the Calendar, you will understand the terrain. If you have any questions, contact the Ride Leader who will be happy to advise you on the most suitable bike for the ride.

We welcome e-bikes!

If you or your friends ride an e-bike, please know that you are most welcome to join and ride with us. E-bikes have made riding enjoyable – even possible – for many people.

The electric motor has made hills more bearable and has allowed those with age or some medical conditions to extend their cycling experience. There is certainly an e-bike in the future for many of us!
Increasingly, people are turning to e-bikes as a way of getting out riding, especially if they live near hills or don’t like getting too sweaty.   

We have heard that Anna Meares, one of Australia’s greatest track cyclists, rides an e-bike. It even has a child seat on the back!  At least three of our regular, most experienced Rides Leaders, ride e-bikes.

We welcome any bike type which is appropriate for the proposed ride, including hybrids, folding, tandems, etc.  If in doubt, contact the Ride Leader putting on the ride.

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Upcoming Events

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