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Wide open roads

Each Easter, Bike North runs its Tour de Cowra, providing Bike North members and other cyclists the opportunity to ride independently around the Cowra countryside.

As well, after the day’s riding, there is the opportunity to socialise with your riding and non-riding friends.  
Non-cyclists are welcome to join the fun as Cowra offers many attractions that can easily fill four days.

Tour de Cowra 2024

In 2024, Tour de Cowra  will be held between Friday 29th March and Monday 1st April.  


Click on each route listed below to see a map of the route, distances and elevation, etc.

To register for these rides, go to the Calendar.

Day 1 – Friday – All rides go North to Billimari / Gooloogong

·       Cowra – Gooloogong Billimari

·       Cowra – Billimari Gooloogong Clockwise (start Billimari)

·       Cowra – Billimari Loop Clockwise

·       Cowra – Cowra to Conimbla Out and Back

Day 2 – Saturday – We are going West to Grenfell
Let’s all wear our club cycling jerseys today!

·       Cowra – Grenfell Out and Back (long) via Greenethorpe

·       Cowra – Grenfell Out and Back

·       Cowra – Greenethorpe to Grenfell and Back (Start at Greenethorpe)

Day 3 – Sunday – All rides go South East – to Wyangala Dam or a shorter route
Today’s long ride goes to Wyangala Dam, the shorter route is a scenic trip to Pine Mount. Bring your own food!

·       Cowra – Wyangala Circuit Anti Clockwise

·       Cowra – Pine Mount Loop Anti Clockwise

Day 4 – Monday – We go to Chiverton

·       Cowra – Chiverton Long Loop

“Any Day” Rides
At Cowra we also offer four “any day” rides. These rides are designed for people who feel, on any day, that the routes are too long, or for the rider who would like to do an additional ride on any day, then these rides are for you. They are each 24, 26, 37, 48 km with less than 200m climb throughout the whole route.
Click on these links to see each route:
     Cowra - Airport to Airport                                      (Easy                 - 24km)
     Cowra – Chiverton Short Loop                              (Easy                 -26km) 
     Cowra - Noonbinna Wattamondara Morongla  (Easy/Medium - 37km)
     Cowra - Wattamondara Morongla Extension     (Medium          - 48km)
The Maps and Cue Sheets for these rides will be available every day at Cowra or download the route to the cycling app of your choice, i.e. Strava, Garmin, RwGPS etc.

For any enquiries, email the organisers at:

What to expect: Independent riding

Tour de Cowra is the only Bike North event where the rides have no Ride Leader or Sweep. You are free to ride at your own speed through scenic NSW countryside.
Each day there a number of pre-planned routes on offer, catering for all skills and fitness levels. The routes are published on the Bike North Calendar well before Easter, to allow you plenty of time to discuss the alternatives with your riding buddies. The routes can be downloaded to your favourite cycling app, like Strava, Garmin or RidewithGPS to assist in your navigation on the day.
Each morning, there is a briefing session at The Rose Garden Café where the routes are explained and a paper copy of the map route and cue sheet are provided. It is essential that you ensure you have signed on to the ride of your choice when you are about to depart. On completion of the ride, it is imperative that you sign that you have returned safely so ride organisers won’t come looking for you!


How to register

This year there will be no charge for Tour de Cowra 2024 and no need to register for the weekend.

But it is still crucial that people register for individual Tour de Cowra rides using the Bike North Calendar, just as with any Bike North ride.

Rides – Start, Finish and Briefings

All rides will start and finish at the Rose Garden Cafe/Visitor Centre, Cowra. The cafe is located on the corner of the Mid Western Hwy, Grenfell Road (B64) and the Lachlan Valley Way (B81), on the west side of the Lachlan River just over the bridge.

Briefing Times:

• Friday 8:45am (Welcome to Cowra)
• Saturday 8:30am (Briefing update)
• Sunday 8:30am (Briefing update)
• Monday 8:30am (Briefing update)

Each morning you need to sign that you are starting the ride and also when you arrive back, so we know you are safely returned.  If the ride starts at an out-of-town location you need to sign at the Rose Garden Café and then drive to the start of the ride. After your ride you need to return to the Rose Garden Cafe and sign that you have returned safely.

On your bike! 

Tour de Cowra can be fun on any roadworthy bike – your favourite tourer, road bike, gravel bike, recumbent or e-bike. All routes are on-road. 

It is a good idea to have your bike serviced before the trip as there are no bike shops in Cowra and, as it is Easter, many shops are closed for the public holidays! So, remember to bring your bike tools and repair kit and spares. 

There may not be any milk bar, cafe or hotel on the ride of your choice. 

So remember to pack the goodies of your choice to sustain you on your ride. Muesli bars, bananas and jelly beans offer some of the best options for your ride.

Cat heads

Cowra is full of a prickle grass called a Cat-Head.  They will give you numerous punctures in a second. Do not put your tyres on anything that is / was or ever could be green! – You have been warned!

First aid kit

It is strongly recommended that you carry a first aid kit suitable for bicycle users. At Cowra, you will be riding in small groups without a Ride Leader.  You will often be riding through areas with no phone reception, so you can’t phone for help. Carrying your own kit with you gives that extra security when riding on your own, or with a group.  It means you can generally respond more immediately if something happens, which is crucial.  

Ride in groups of at least four

We recommend that you ride in a group of four or more.  In the case of an emergency, one person can stay with the injured person, and one can go for help. Remember there is little or no phone coverage in the Cowra area. Don’t rely on being able to call anyone.

Tail lights

Even in daylight, a taillight is a huge advantage. Cars coming up on you are warned of your presence by the light. It is a huge safety advantage to yourself. If there are a number of bikes riding together then a snake line of lights is certainly an additional safety factor.

Meals & accommodation

You are responsible for organising your own transport to and from Cowra, your accommodation, and food.

There are three major brand supermarkets in the centre of town, several restaurants, a couple of clubs and a few pubs with bistros. Be aware that shopping and eating out options are limited on Good Friday.
There are several motels, hotels, and two caravan parks suitable for accommodation. The Cowra Van Park is close and handy to the ride launch point (and where we set up camp HQ); whereas the Cowra Holiday Park is a couple of kms outside of town.

Social activities

Bike North is a welcoming bike club and is intent on everyone joining the Tour de Cowra of having a good time.


Cowra has numerous restaurants to try.
The Masala Library in Kendal Street, for one, always offers great food.
In 2024 we will be eating at the following locations:
Friday 29 March,      6pm – Cowra Bowling Club, 16 Brougham St, ph 6342 1836, a short walk from the town centre.
Saturday 30 March  7pm – The Imperial Hotel, 16 – 18 Kendal Street, ph 6341 2588 right in the centre of town.
Sunday 31 March      6pm  - Cowra Services Club, 101 Brisbane St, ph 6341 1144, also in the town centre.
Many Bike Northerners will be at these venues, please phone and book your table.

Afternoon Get Together

Come along for BYO social drinks at the van park on Saturday afternoon.


Over twenty years of collective experience

Bike North has been going to Cowra at Easter for over 20 years, so there is plenty of culminated knowledge of the roads and their suitability for cyclists.


The organisers will do their best to ensure the roads we will be using are navigable. They will check with the Cowra Council that there are no road or traffic planning that might adversely affect our weekend. They will also be using to ensure there are no surprises, and tweak rides if necessary.

Importantly, the organisers also meet with those who will help make our Bike North visit a success: the various hotels and cafes, some of which open purely to provide sustenance to Bike North riders!

And for you, remember, this is riding in the country. There may not be any milk bar, cafe or hotel on the ride of your choice. So just remember to pack the goodies of your choice to sustain you on your ride. Muesli bars, bananas and jelly beans offer some of the best options for your ride.


Cowra and surrounding areas

Cowra and surrounding areas offer ideal cycling country. Some of the rides are flat. Other rides are slightly undulating, offering good views of the countryside and plenty of time to admire your surroundings. Other rides offer climbers a challenge (think of the Wyangala Dam ride). There is something for everyone. Check out the routes, distances and elevation listed above.

There is plenty of accommodation available in Cowra for all budgets but should be booked ahead.
For non-cyclists, or cyclists wanting some time off the saddle, Cowra offers many tourism sites.  
The Japanese Garden is well worth a visit as are the Peace Bell and the Prisoner of War Camp. The four-minute Hologram in the Tourist Information Centre should not be missed. Short drives from Cowra will take you to the Wyangala Dam and regional towns of Grenfell and Canowindra.
See tourist information here:


Here are two maps to help you navigate around Cowra town and look at cycling routes around the Cowra surrounding area.

Cowra Town Map and 
Overview of Cowra Routes 

COVID-19 Safety
Covid is still here and your safety is important to Bike North and the Tour de Cowra organisers.
Bike North rides will continue to be subject to the following conditions:
• Riders must be double vaccinated and carry proof
• Physical distancing of 1.5 metres must be maintained at all times
• Riders must not attend Tour de Cowra 2024 events if sick, have cold or flu or flu-like symptoms, a close contact, etc
• Riders who become Covid-19 positive within (approximately) 5 days after participating in the tour must immediately advise the tour organisers
• All riders are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer
• Riders must bring and wear a mask when NSW Health orders require (e.g. going into a coffee shop, toilets and on public transport & vehicular ferries).
Any updates to Tour de Cowra will be published on this webpage and in the weekly Bike North News email.

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