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Safer streets to benefit our children

David Thomson | Published on 12/10/2023

Have you noticed the decline in children walking or riding to school over the years? The decreased traffic during school holidays is only one aspect of the evidence that children are driven to school rather than being involved in some form of active transport.

In the recently completed Bike North Strategic Plan 2024 one of our identified key challenges and opportunities is : Encouraging more riding in the community - What could we do to encourage more children to ride (safely) to school?

We need your help

Do you have a primary school in the Bike North area you could introduce us to? As part of our advocacy efforts we want to partner with one or more local primary school. Any action to improve safety must start with interest from a school. A wide range of opportunities are available, e.g. funding for bike-related infrastructure, “Bike Buses” and skills training on school grounds. Bike North advocacy team is keen to work with one or more schools on this. If you can help please contact us at

Transport for NSW

It looks like we are ahead of that pack as now Transport NSW have just commenced their community consultation on increasing active travel to school. They are seeking our input on this important aspect of active transport. This is an important opportunity for Bike North members to contribute by completing the survey. Click here to have your say.

The introduction to the survey reads:

"The NSW Government wants to make it easier for parents, carers and their children to walk or ride their bikes to school.

Data shows that less than one in four children in NSW currently walk or ride to school. This is a substantial decline compared to previous generations. Making it easier to walk or ride would provide enormous benefits to children, including:

· improved health and self-confidence

· learning how to navigate our streets and public spaces safely

· setting lifelong sustainable travel habits."

This is a great opportunity for Bike North members to push for safe streets concepts including traffic calming and 30km/h local streets.

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