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Anti-door Technology

Tom Rubin | Published on 8/14/2023

Dooring is one of every cyclist’s greatest fears but the risk of being “doored” may diminish in future.

I, for one, was not aware that ANCAP* is moving to encourage vehicle manufacturers to install “anti-dooring technology” in new vehicles and will soon test for it when assessing a vehicle’s safety rating. The technology is to alert a driver and other passengers in a vehicle to a cyclist approaching from behind (on either side of the car) via a warning light on the door, an audible or haptic alert or physically preventing the door from opening.

Certainly a valuable new safety feature!

Further info at:

The July/August NRMA “Open Road” magazine also has an article (p. 13)

*ANCAP: The Australasian New Car Assessment Program, more commonly referred to as ANCAP SAFETY, is Australia and New Zealand’s independent voice on vehicle safety:.

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