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Volunteer of the Year - Rides, Advocacy & Executive Committee: Brian Lynne

Phillip Hart

Brian has contributed enormously to Bike North over many years.  He has been active in three roles and has excelled in each of them: Ride Leader, Secretary and Pubic Officer. 


Among his many activities for Bike North, he has:

  • Been one of the top two Ride Leaders who led the most rides in the last few years;
  • Submitted new routes to increase the approved routes in the database;
  • Assisted David Thomson in advocacy, being the main contact with the Hills Shire Council and taking local politicians on rides to improve cycling within that area.  Cycling improvements in that area have mainly been due to Brian’s contributions;
  • As Secretary, contributed to the smooth running of the Executive Committee with his thoroughness and close attention to the detail of the minutes and discussions;
  • Provided a foundation of knowledge and experience through his long-time engagement in Bike North’s administration, which Committee members appreciate
  • Participated invaluably during the recent updating of Bike North’s Constitution;
  • Maintained Bike North’s official status with various government departments and AusCycle in an efficient manner;
  • Been Administrator of the Bike North bank accounts, with a strong focus on probity.  This was no easy task which required much patience and perseverance to update the accounts for a debit card and the new computer system.

It is one thing to do an excellent job in one role, but Brian has contributed in a number of roles and done them all beyond the normal expectations.  Brian’s energies, enthusiasm and persistence are apparent in everything.  He brings a smile to all these endeavours and never fails to connect with other members in the most positive of ways that sees others better enjoy their experiences with Bike North. 


Thank you, Brian, for all these contributions!


Geoff Young (Rides Coordinator), with support from David Thomson (Advocacy Coordinator), Sarah Gillis (Membership Coordinator) and Phill Hart (President).

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