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What is it with magpies?

As Spring approaches birds such as magpies protect their nesting sites from threat. Yes, riding past a nesting site during this six to eight week period is seen as a threat by magpies. According to NPWS Central Coast Hunter Range Regional Manager, Tom Bagnat, a few simple precautions can help you avoid swooping attacks from nesting magpies.

  • Magpies are less likely to attack people who take a wide berth around nesting trees, so it's a good idea to keep 30 metres away from known magpie territory, or, if possible keep away altogether.
  • Try and be confident, as this will often encourage them to stay in their trees and observe until you pass by.
  • Consider waving your arm above your head just in case, but don't swing it at a magpie. Provoking it will only make it more aggressive.
  • Wearing a helmet on your head can offer protection. You can always try out the modification shown in the photo below.
  • Remember, magpies are a protected species and harming them can attract a fine of $11,000 and/or six months imprisonment.

In the ongoing fight against the magpie peril a person was seen in the early morning quiet streets of Red Rock and Corindi Beach dressed for battle. Apparently it was Edward "zip-tie" Scissorhands.