Bike North is conducting a Forum to share knowledge about self-managed European scenic cycling (including UK!)

Date/time: Tuesday, November 21st, 7pm for 7:15 start

Place: Auditorium at Dougherty Community Centre, 7 Victor St, Chatswood

(Beware: Dougherty CC has several sub-venues)

Charge: $6 members, $11 non-members (to cover venue rental)

Registration: Register Online

Parking: huge nearby Albert Avenue carpark (first 3 hours free)

Public Transport: up escalators opposite Chatswood station eastern exit, into Post Office Lane, right into Victor St (400M).

Après:  We need to vacate the room by 9pm, but discussion can continue at the Orchard Tavern, near the station.

Panellists: Alister Sharp, Ian Meller, Pauline Evans, Richard Kelly

Moderator: Tom Rubin (Bike North President)

Format: After an introduction from Tom Rubin (himself well Euro-travelled), each panellist will spend several minutes summarizing their Euro cycling experiences.  As well as telling the “where, when and why” of their trips, they’ll touch on some of the “how”.

Thereafter, Tom will guide discussion on the many aspects to consider in planning.  Each panellist will contribute on most aspects, with the audience also encouraged to contribute and query.

Towards the end, experienced audience Euro-cyclists will be invited to summarize THEIR experiences.  Those wanting to do so should notify Tom beforehand, so that he can budget time.

Discussion can continue after the forum at Orchard Tavern, near the station.

Aspects covered:

  • Desirable countries and areas
  • Desirable months
  • Hub-and-spoke vs pannier-touring
  • Suitable bike and configuration
  • Bike equipment, accessories, spares
  • Take own bike or rent or buy 2nd-hand or ...
  • Solo or group, and group-size
  • Compatibility considerations if group
  • Planes, trains, rental-cars
  • Accommodation types (tent, hostels, room-to-let, hotels, Airbnb, Uni colleges,....)
  • Booking accom (how, when)
  • Navigation
  • Bike clothing
  • Other clothing
  • Accessories, bags
  • Communication (among selves, for booking accom, travel, tourist activities, back home)
  • Phone apps
  • Relevant books, maps and websites

A document will be created afterwards on Bike North’s website, listing useful websites and apps for Euro cycle-touring